Thursday, April 28, 2011

Traced Silhouette Art

Finally, the last part to my traced artwork.
(Artwork done on an old piece of wood I found at the second hand store).

Above is the remedied piece.

Here was the process:
After the image had been traced onto the board,
I painted in the words
and filled in the whole shape of the robin with black paint,
also painting the shape of the branch.

I then used a light green to paint in the holly leaves...

and then added touches of dark green to the leaves for some shading
and a watered down red for some holly berries.
I used a touch of black mixed with the green for the pine branches
and watered down brown for the branches.
After it was all dry,
I wiped the whole image with a damp paper towel to remove
the charcoal traced lines.

I used the same wax and stain method as on the detailed Robin.

mixing the two together...

painting it on
and then rubbing it off after it had dried.

I applied another coat of stain on it however,
wanting it to be slightly more antiqued looking.
(Just make sure the first coat of wax is dry and buffed well before adding more stain).

When it was done,
I wondered,
"Does that look more like a raven than a robin?


I asked my Farmer and my daughter
both very honest people,
and they confirmed what I hoped they wouldn't.

"Robin's Song.
That doesn't look like a robin.
That looks like a crow or a raven."


So out came the base-coat paint.
And back to the computer I went for some new wording.

It was applied with the charcoal backed tracing.

It was painted...

and then I rubbed some more of the stain on it,
mixed with just a tiny bit of the wax.

This was beneficial as the wax and the stain blended easily
with the first application,
much more so than when I've tried to fix something that has just stain on it.

After this dries,
a spray of fixative,
like spray polyerthane
is recommended to seal the paint and stain.

So the BIG tip I would give for this project is to wait until 
after you have painted the creature's shape you are painting
to determine your writing
just because a creature starts out one way,
creativity may demand you alter
your original expectations.

But then, altering expectations proves to be such a big part of life,
so somewhere down the line
it should get easier,
shouldn't it?

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  1. All that work and you had to! Good job. Makes me get excited about Winter...well, maybe after your Plant sale and I get some new plants. My myrtle is finally coming in fuller under the tree like I wanted. YAY!

  2. Good advice, to wait.

    And an excellent save, too!


    PS. I would just love to walk through your house and see all your neat creations in place.

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    <3, New Follower

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