Friday, May 20, 2011

Counting the Seasons with my Toes.

 Joining Gypsy Mama's
weekly moment of writing for 5 minutes.

The prompt this week is:

"When seasons change"

When seasons change my feet react,
they're awfully moody fellows.
In the cold of winter they're never warm
although I bundle them with the thickness of pillows.

Spring time...
my toes are as excited as I stretch their pale winter weary whiteness
with the freedom that warmth should promise.
But the rain tricks us
and the wet feet smell
and are cold
and make me sneeze.

Summer, alas, the heat has come.
The warmth rejoices and sends my bold feet to barren tripping through grassy yard
til the bee reminds me that I am not the king my feet think that I am.
Poolside, roadside, I am warned that the sun is hot
on my hopping feet.

And then the fall
when my feet are weary of the freedom
and they look forward to those oh-so-soft fleece socks
that have waited in lonely silence in the seasonally neglected drawer.
Fall brings comfort again to my feet.

ever leading me into the seasons as they step out from the old.


  1. What a clever take on the topic! =) Yep, I look forward to fall because I get to dig out my awesome boots. Flip flops aren't so bad though.

    (visiting from Five Minute Friday!)

  2. This was a fun post! I love how you put this altogether using how our feet experience the seasons! Great writing. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love yours!

  3. I love shoes, and I love the seasons...and that means I love this post!

    Really clever one.


  4. I lOVE tiny shoes! This post is so perfect.

  5. I have so enjoyed catching up on the posts I missed while I was away. I still cannot get used to the idea that in America you take lilac indoors, have seen it few times today, in the Uk it is considered unlucky. Old wives tale of course but something I would never do, isn't it strange how different countries treat flowers. It Italy it is Chrysanthemums that must never be taken indoors!

  6. I love this post! My girls would go barefoot all year around if we would let them. So shoes are also always scattered around our house, too. Great pictures!


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