Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why You DON'T Want to Live Here.

1. We live on a Farm.

I think it may be a fly farm.

 2. Occasional bouts with Noise Pollution are problematic.

 3. Mini Spider Man wakes people with questions such as:
"Mommy, Where do flies live?
Do they live in dog houses?"

 4.  Cute cold-blooded creatures...

 deceptively win affection...

 but then grow into large cold-blooded creatures
which habitate in our pond
and are not considered worthy of affection
when confronted in the lawn
by the Mrs. of the house

(especially the long thin ones
with flicking tongues).

 5. Mini Spider Man has a very loud alarm clock
when his questions are not being answered.

 6.  Toes are neglected in this house.

Unpainted toe nails go unrecognized
until sitting in the pew at church
where toe-less shoes loudly proclaim their glaring deficiency,
embarrassing completely
the owner of their grubby state.

 7. A tiny ballerina runs about
thieving needed items
and calling any confiscated items with handles for carrying
(including old wooden barrels used for tea bag storage)

 8. Farm fields across the street are drenched with herbicides
(I hope our water filters are working well),
and then covered with chicken manure
in order to promote this year's new crop.

Look at the color of that field a couple days later,
 soak in that combination for a moment.


Have I mentioned the flies yet, today?

(Soaked with sarcasm).

9.  Fly swatters live in abundant supply here...

and they aren't pretty.

Can somebody please invent a gem-studded fly swatter
in the budget of a cheapskate housewife...


10. As if dead flies aren't enough,

the floor here is never clean.

Sand from sandboxes...

does not stay in sandboxes.

It doesn't matter how cute they are


 how innocent they look,

sand just doesn't seem to stay out of the house,
or their shoes,

or off the floors,

or in the diapers,

or everywhere else,
for that matter.

can anybody explain to me how it gets in bedsheets?


it does.

Ask me how I know?

I'm beginning to think that
 Mini Spider Man's evil clock must carry it in.

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  1. Love number 7! This was a really cute post. (Visiting from Oh Amanda.)

  2. Love the toes (Smiling) because I completely get that one. ;-)

  3. It gets in their bed clothes because it is in their hair...I can wash their hair, feel the grit in it, and it does not wash out...then, when their hair is dry....during the night it gets all in their beds........I am living the same sand nightmare.... :) but hey, it beats them sitting inside watching teli like most kidlets do these days..I love your coloured sand!

  4. This is such a cute post! Love the turtles, we have three of them at my house. :-)

  5. You have a beautiful family!!! And mini Spiderman is so cute! :)


  6. Fun post!

    And I am especially unfond of flies.


  7. You had me at flies. Had me running, screaming out the door.
    BTW, totes identify with the toe. I'm hanging on to one and a half painted toes by the skin of my teeth.

  8. Your descriptions are perfect. I wouldn't dare post about some of the things that we find in our farmhouse. Especially this time of year. It starts with a T and ends with an ick!

  9. I am glad to see that we are not the only ones with flies, but then you live on a farm and we don't! And I totally get the sand thing. When we lived in HI it was crazy. I would blast the kids with the hose outside and shower inside, but it still felt like I was sleeping in a cat pan!

  10. What a darling post!!Can't help but smile at the kids and turtles!!

  11. :) But darn it, when its all quiet at night, and you soak in the day's memories, tell us the truth - theres a hint of a smile that slowly crosses your lovely farm-mom face as you count your blessings...

    This was a great post - thank you for sharing your "farm life's top models" with us!

  12. awww..what a cutie!Can't help but smile at phot#16^_^


    Happy OW!

  13. I love pics 17 & 18 Your kids are just too cute! Flies are part of the curse!!

  14. oh no, those flies, lol! i DID see a pretty snazzed up flyswatter just the other day! they were being given out at a health fair i was attending. all they did was take a faux flower, put a little bling in the center, and glue it to the swatter! i'm sure you could make one easily-good luck!

  15. Visiting from the Farm hop! Thank you for the smiles! I can relate! All too well!


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