Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The Mulberries are ripe
and ready to be eaten... 

 I know this for a fact.

 Purple is my favorite color.

Mulberries taste especially sweet...

...dabbed with baby kisses.


  1. Your photos are wonderful, and I love the feeling of this post...the old floor...the mulberries...the baby kisses...


    just lovely


  2. Thanks for following. Love your blog, and your post made me smile. What a gorgeous floor!! Wow!! I am following and linked up for your blog hop.

  3. So you just eat your mulberries straight off the tree? Ours are always so bitter! I have dealt with them for 13 years by trying to hack back the branches that hang low and sweeping up the berries that fall before they ferment and get tracked into the house! What have I been missing?


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