Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time Will Tell: Chalk Paint Clock

For the first Christmas of our marriage,
my husband got me a clock.

I had requested a clock that chimed
because my parents had one,
and a house just seemed like it needed a chiming or loud ticking clock
to make it feel like home.

(I guess it's what you're used to, right?
We have to shut it off when my in-laws come
or it will keep my Father-in-law up all night;
poor Dad W.)

Clocks are so symbolic,
aren't they?

...the minutes we breathe
etching out the moments of our lives...

But today I'll spare you all that,
and just tell you that
I felt like the clock needed some reviving:
a new look for our marriage on the verge of its teenage years.
My Annie Sloan "Provence" chalk paint seemed the simple solution.

After quickly base-coating it,
I added "Graphite" chalk paint
on the bottom ledge,
on the metal around the face,
and an edging at the top.

 After that was dry...
...I watered down some of the "Old White" chalk paint
and gave a light wash to the whole thing.

I have to admit,
I was a bit nervous smearing on the paint,
not knowing what it would look like,
but figured if it failed,
I could just paint it again.

The next morning,
I sanded some patches here and there on the clock...

where I thought it might get scraped up 
in everyday use.

To finish it, I waxed it using clear wax 
and then went really heavy on the colored wax to
get the look that I wanted.

(I'm finding that the more colored wax I use,
the more the textures in the layered paints comes through,
and the older it looks.)

I want to reveal the other fun things I've done to my fireplace mantel:
I've found some great yard sale buys last weekend
and love the way they've changed the look
to this spot!

I'll have to save those for the coming days.

Thank you for stopping in!
I hope it was time well spent.
(Sorry, I couldn't resist at least one pun).


  1. You did an amazing job! I love the color too.

  2. I love how the color turned out. I'm linking up from MMS and I posted nightstands I did in Provence and Old White. I like how the bit of Graphite turned may have to go on my "want" list. I also need to try the dark wax on my next project.. Thanks for the tips! Kristina :)

  3. That was very brave of you! But you had a vision and it really works :) Great job.

  4. Great transformation it was worth taking the risk. Blogger doesn't seem to be working correctly for comments so I've figured out another way to leave you this comment. Very nice clock I love the color.

  5. LOVE IT....Funny I saw your pic as I was browsing Miss Mustard Seed's Linky party and I was drawn to it and I find out it is you! It looks so nice nice. I love the Provence color. How in the world would I redo my whole house to accommodate these new colors I am liking! I like the duck egg color too!!! Love the layers that you put on the clock. It looks like such fun. I can't wait to get some! Did you see the post of my 2 old desks that I found at the yard sale last weekend? Would you restore or paint them? I am torn.

  6. Hello lovely,

    It's GORGEOUS!! You've done such a great job with your beautiful clock. And I really like the way you've given such a special piece a whole new life. Or should I say a *second* chance (second, minute, hours.....geddit?!!).


  7. Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. I'm following you, too, and I'm enjoying my 'time' spent here. Love the clock redo. It definitely updates the look.

  8. Lovely job on the clock...I have a can of chalk paint I haven't opened yet. I think starting on a small piece is a smart idea. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a happy new follower. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Very nice - you couldnt find that work of art in a Ballards catalog!

  10. I want me some chalk paint!! I think provence might be the color i choose!

  11. looks really great - nice job! I'm thinking about trying that paint on one of my projects but just have not yet made up my mind if that is the right choice. Sounds like it dried well for you and you got the results you were seeking. The clock looks wonderful. And Lilly's little sparkly shoes are totally adorable!

  12. Looks great! Love the colors the color combination and the patina that the dark wax brings out!

  13. Found you over at SNS-love the clock! What a great new look. I've been wanting to try the chalk paint on several things but now sure how to use it. You mentioned base coat-did you prime it first then? I have a table that has a similar slick finish and didn't know if I need to sand it or use a primer first.

  14. I love this transformation! What a beautiful medium! This is really superbly done! Thanks for time well spent reading this.

  15. It looks very pretty and I especially love that it is a meaningful clock. Makes it really special!

  16. What an amazing transformation! It looks like an old French antique now! LUV LUV LUV!!!! I've got to get my hands on some of that chalk paint!! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  17. Thank you for all the great comments!! No, no primer is needed with chalk paint: just paint it on! That's why it is so great!! It does need to be waxed or polyerthaned or tung oiled afterward: it's a flat paint without it. Staining it really improves the looks of it as well, if you want an older look.

  18. Looks Fantastic! Love the color!

    Warm Wishes,

  19. You did a great job! Love the colour. You got a lovely space here.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


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