Thursday, February 9, 2012

When My ADD Causes Fires in the Kitchen.

 Do you find as you are blogging,
or reading blogs,
that your opinion and tastes in things change?
Some days, I want to throw in the whole house
and start all over...
somebody back up a few semis and start shoveling this stuff out.
I want a new start, clean, uncluttered, no dirt.

I've noticed with blogs, that most blogs have a theme:
couponing/saving money,
devotional type,
or how to blog itself.

I am sure I am probably missing a dozen or so other categories.

A while back, I won a consultation with a successful blogger
on how to better my blog.

One of the things she asked me was,
"What is the central theme of your blog?"

I felt like I was admitting that I had ADD.

I couldn't pin the one thing down that I wanted to commit myself to.
I love decorating and painting,
but I don't feel like I'm exceptional at it,
nor do I want to devote my blog just to it.

I love health and trying to eat right,
but I'm just too dumb unknowledgeable overall to commit to that.

Photography - Ha!
I groan when I see my pictures compared to really good pictures.

Cooking: I do it because I have to
and I do love sharing recipes that I find exceptional,

Do you know how many flops I cook?

Let's just say that a blog with
"Now here's a recipe you don't want to make"
wouldn't be a favorite of mine either.

I can't.

I can't commit to one thing.

I love writing.
It is like singing in my soul.

But I'm not deep enough to fly on the wings of verbosity 
every day of the week,
to spout off intellectual extravaganza
as much as I'd like to.
The truth is

(I am so sorry for this)

I deal with too much poop in my life:

cow, kid, kid, dog, cat, kid, kid.

The other day, I just wanted to don a raincoat,
wrap a diaper around my head,
and go conquer my world.

The fact is:
I think that waxing eloquent needs a better breeding ground.

I'd love to write about God everyday
and what I'm learning and need to learn.
I admire and love reading these girls who speak so beautifully
and cheer me on to get my focus right.
Sometimes, oft times, I just would feel like too much of a hypocrite.
I can't write peace when I am chasing a tornado,
the weather in our house isn't always sunny.
Somedays, I just need to be silent
to hear God tell me what I need to hear.
Sometimes, as much as I sit down and write,
the words in my heart are mine alone.

And so, as with all these things,
I have also come to realize that
as beautiful as so many of the blogs I run into
(and I wish I could get around to so many of them more)
and as amazing as so many of the homes are that I see,
I am finally discovering what I love
in my home and life,
and I am going to embrace that.

Do you know what?
It is such a relief.
That baffling question of
who are you and what is your blog about
has been settled for me:

Welcome to my ADD blog.

And I can still admire you all for your incredible ability to stay focused
and love what you do.

when you visit,
I'll be serving up a dish of your interest
when you open the windows to my life.

And hopefully,
it won't stink.

 And so I present you with my black cereal cupboard.

How is that for an ADD twist?

Stone houses don't have a lot of built in cupboards,
so it was a Craig's List buy a few years back.
 It is a neat old piece,
but it had some weird white stains on the black paint on top
and the darkness in the corner where it is
needed some life.

I love life.

 I created some stencils from images I found at
the Graphic Fairy...

and using the method I explained

I applied the stucco, pulled the stencil,
let it dry for two days,
and then painted the whole cupboard
with three coats of red.


It's called something "Fire" red,
I remember.
The paint dripped on the label,
but the "Fire" part should be enough.

Hope I didn't burn your eyes.

When it was dry,
 I painted some red mixed with green shading inside the roses,
 complimentary colors.

and then added colors to all the raised parts,
 as well as some stringy vines painted directly on the red background.

I then added some darker green accents.

I waited a day to let the colors dry well,
and then waxed the whole thing with Rugger Brown Fiddes and Sons Wax,
brushing it on in strokes.

I did a heavier coat on the inside panel,
doing circular strokes for a smudged look.

After it dried,
the wax was rubbed to give it a sheen.

 I wasn't sure when it was done
if I liked it:

It is so drastic.

But as the day went on and I looked at it where it is,
I liked it more and was uncertain less.

It is definitely better than the old black
and seems to call out to the other red accents in the kitchen.

And when I look in from the living room
with the walls I just painted,
I like it even better.
But I'm going to show you the living room another day.

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  1. Love the cupboard! The red just speaks to me (I am loving red and yellow lately.) Know what you mean about ADD, I feel the same some days. God knows, He created some of us "special" people that way.

  2. I love your ADD fact I feel so at home here. Your cupboard is beautiful and your writing is WITTY... i laughed out loud at the rain coat and diaper hat!


  3. Pure Genius is all I can say.
    Genius to your heart and blog dilemma~~~funny, I have the same issues you do.
    Pure, Absolutely gorgeous Genius on that cabinet.
    I love, Love, LOVE it to pieces. Every bit of it.
    I cannot wait to see the living room. I'll bet it is just that, a 'Liv-ing' room.
    I love coming here and so sorry I haven't had much blog time to get here more often. No theme here.

  4. I love your blog from way over here in Australia...I couldnt do one theme on my blog either...I garden, I craft, I bake, I whinge, I have three children, I just do 'stuff'...nothing thrilling , just stuff...and thats just fine...x

  5. It is gorgeous - what a transformation! I love that texture stucco (have you linked this up to The DIY Club - DecoArt is one of our sponsors!). The additional detail and colors are genius!

  6. My blog is that way too. I used to have two for decorating and one for family/God stuff, but it was so overwhelming to keep the 2 running. I merged them and feel so much more happy about blogging. But I don't have a focus, and so I know that the followers won't be as prolific. That's okay. I am me and it's good enough ♥

    I love your blog by the way. I've never felt like you're random. I enjoy reading about your life.

  7. Themed blogs bore me out of my skull. I do NOT want to look at a tablescape every day - or any other one thing on a theme list.

    You blog about life and that's more real and interesting than a litany of home decor ptojects.

  8. I like ADD blogs myself. I do have friends with themed blogs though.

    I have what you call an ADD blog myself.

    You sure do some GREAT work for being ADD! lol

    Love those red cabinets.

    Love your blog,

  9. So you are not like everyone else...that's what I love about you! I don't have little ones around anymore 24/7 but the way you write, sure brings back many good memories about mothering! Would love to see the red cupboard in looks great where it sits now.God has given you some great talents girl...keep using them for Him! I wish I was driving by to see you in your raincoat and diaper hat!

  10. That turned out fabulous and I tend to just blog about whatever as well!;)

  11. I've been wanting to try that stucco method on stencils for some time now. I think you have given me some inspiration. Thanks.

  12. HI,I love your post,I have just found you,my son has ADD and has dyslexia as well and my daughters son has just been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia so what you explain means a lot to me.I think you are doing great its a lovely blog and am looking forward to reading more.Love Jill xx

  13. Thanks so much. I appreciate all the heartfelt comments. I am not sure why blogger won't let me reply to individual comments. I was really hoping I'd be able to start doing that. Computer stuff...Rrrrr.

  14. Wonderful transformation of your cabinet! Love the red!

  15. Keep on going just like you are. Since I started my own blog I have been doing quite a bit of blog reading myself. Yours is the only one I keep coming back to (INCLUDING MINE)and the only one that I wait for!! Whatever your point of view, your life is real and you dont seem afraid to let us in. I find that refreshing. I could care less about granite counter tops or cooking blogs with kitchens that dont look cooked in or fancy livingrooms that I would be hesitant to enter. I love your Stone home with all of your finds that you have given a bit of your elbow grease. I mean absolutely no offence to other blogs. I have enjoyed many of them, but yours is the one I return to time after time after time after time! Keep doing just what you have been! I love it!

  16. Your piece is simply stunning! Each step you took added so much, and the end result is just gorgeous. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  17. I'm going to echo what someone else said- themed blogs are boring! I lose interest FAST. Yours is one of the ones I come back to consistently. I think your being so real about life has a LOT to do with it. Not to mention all your beautiful projects! What you're doing is totally working for you! P.S.- that piece is GORGEOUS! I loved seeing the green and red together. I love that combo as well :).

  18. Well bless your sweet little heart Tonya!! I have been wondering what the heck was wrong with me and my blog and what one exactly calls a blog that flits around like a butterfly in the summer garden...Now I know....And I love it! ;o) I agree wholeheartedly with the other comments - I can enjoy the "dedicated" blogs, but most days, I like to be surprised by life - and the lives of those I choose to follow. And you never disappoint. Your cabinet redo is gorgeous....That red just dances in your kitchen!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  19. WOW!!!!! I absolutely LOVE your cabinet. The red really makes that corner pop! It looks fantastic in your kitchen!!! Love the plaster stencil! I love the way you painted the kitchen, and was that a new stencil along the livingroom wall? I have always loved the color that you bring into life through your words and your crafts/paintings. Don't ever change! Your blog is wonderful. I would call it the variety blog--you know, like they used to have Variety shows on TV :) Love your Blog the way it is--you get a much broader audience. No cookie cutter personality are you and I LOVE it!

  20. Loved your commentary on being an ADD Blogger! I was nodding my head, chuckling, and 'Amen'ing all through it! Your writing is filled with delight and candor and it's been a pleasure visiting here! Then after all that I see we have like tastes. Your kitchen looks remarkably like mine! The same green bottom cabinets and white top cabinets with that beautiful red color on accent pieces. However, I don't have a cabinet that neat! Great job on the makeover, I love it! If there's ever a day when my countertops are empty and the floor is clean, I'll post it on my blog!Have a great weekend, would love to see you pop by sometime at Sall's Country Life!

  21. I think your blog is absolutely perfect the way it is! I love honest blogs. I love funny blogs. I love ADD blogs. Personally, I think ADD is a needed skill for mothering, wife-ing (not a word) and home owning, not a deficiency.
    My own blog's name: manyslices was born out of such a harried can't-commit-to-any-one-thing-brain.
    The wisest man ever penned: there is a time to every season. People like us just dabble in our own little seasons a couple times a day.

  22. I love your blog and mine is like yours, no theme, just a bunch of things and sometimes scattered all over the place. Just keep doing what you do. I love the red chest. It looks amazing. What a fabulous job you did of refinishing it. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  23. Wonderful job on your cupboard. Blessings, Debbie

  24. Just wanted to say I LOVE your ADD blog! AND your cabinet!

  25. You did a great job on the cupboard! I love it! Simply painting over the stucco looked very nice, too.

  26. I love the pop of red in your kitchen and the cabinet turned out wonderful! The stenciling and painting are beautiful. Thanks for joining the Open House party this week. Hugs, Sherry

  27. Entertaining post! Love what you did with your cabinet... great choice of color and really nice finish.

  28. Stopping by from Marty's. Love this post, you feel exactly how I feel! Love your cabinet it is beautiful and so is your kitchen.

  29. WOW!!! Absolutely beautiful.

    I love red and I have the scheme in my kitchen too, with a dash of white, gray...

    LOVE the outcome and worth every effort wasn't it.

    Happy TTT...

  30. I love the POP of color...Love this project...thanks for sharing.

  31. I love your blog....just as it is. Beautiful. I've been reading it all morning between housework. This is my only day off work this week and I love to do this. I read a little...clean a I'm so happy that I found yours.

    Lee Laurie

    P.S. I love your kitchen. :)

  32. Thank you, Lee Laurie. What a very nice thing to say!


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