Monday, April 2, 2012

The House that Grandpa Built.

"You don't need to do much.
Remember what you did for me:
the pallet a few feet up in that crook of the old tree by the pond?
Even if you just clear out that space a little,
up there in those pine trees.

I'd like to help her,
but I just don't have time,
 and it would be a such a fun memory if you helped her."
My pleas fell on my father's sympathetic ear.

 And so Grandpa got the job.

Somewhere in the time that passed from my childhood,
to my daughter's,
he gained much more talent at this sort of thing,
or maybe he just realized how much more important this sort of thing really is.

 Even while it was being built,
she couldn't stay away.

She cried a few times,
because a couple of her favorite limbs had to be cut from her trees,
because she wasn't sure Grandpa really knew what he was doing.

School books were dragged up to the new spot.

Sometimes Grandpa was a fellow school mate.

 The fact that it is so close to the house is perfect
for when help is needed in the house;

and for other little people who like to check on the situation...

of everybody belonging to the house.

 It was high enough to launch the imagination on seas full of fearsome pirates,
soar through the air on puffy clouds,
or get away from the big bad wolf;

 but not so high to keep little sisters from joining.

 It quickly became that special place,

that home away from home.

 In all the weeks it took to finish,

she grew to trust that maybe Grandpa did know what he was doing,

and her appreciation showed.

I have a suspicion that as much as she loved seeing it built,

Grandpa was teaching her important things along the way.

 The memories to be made here have just begun...


but I have to think they had priceless start.


I hope it holds as many wonderful memories as my tree house did.


  1. wow. that is really awesome! :)

  2. Awwww what a wonderful way for Grandpa and little one to get to spend some time together. Now I kinda really want a tree house!

  3. Ok, let me just dry my eyes! That is the sweetest thing!
    I had a fort in the woods when I was a child--my brother and I spent Saturday mornings and warm summer mornings dragging our supplies into the woods. What fun we had there.
    I can only imagine the dreams she has there!

    I love the way you write. Beautiful.
    It makes us all want to be a child again. ~Pat

  4. What precious memories Violet will have of the time she spent with a loving Grandpa who took the time to make something for her...just love it! God Bless Grandpa!

  5. Oh. So. Sweet! Love this story and absolutely love the etched words on the posts of this very special place Grandpa created!

  6. Precious! What lasting memories it will bring. Here from the Hop.

  7. Love the nature. I am having a Great memories, when I was in village.

  8. What a wonderful story and great memories for your father and daughter. I would like to invite you to share at our new link party Happy Family Times at Thank you!!

  9. What a precious post! Took me back to my childhood with my grandpa. We didn't have a tree house (but I stayed up in the trees!)....but we did have a little bench on the edge of the woods and we would go there and I would sing gospel songs to him. Loved our special time together. He was my 'great' grandfather. My grandparents passed away when my mom was a little girl. Her grandparents adopted her and her brothers. They were a blessing to us all.

  10. I'm sure Grandpa is as blessed as little granddaughter. Wonderful post. Nothing like family!
    Mary Alice


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