Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bacon, Bench, and Beautiful...I hope.

I'm in the middle of steaming up some fresh asparagus,
whipping up some cheese sauce,
toasting some rye bread, 
and frying up some bacon from Salt
(that was the pig's name.
Yes, confusing, I know:
bacon and ham coming from Salt,
but we don't think these things through when the kids name the animals).

It's a recipe my husband made for me when we were engaged
so it's a sentimentally-good sort of thing,
besides being just plain incredibly delicious.

Anyhow, I thought I'd post a recent project
since I have much to catch up on in blogging
having disappeared during my recent plant sale.

It is nice to get back to life again,
although planning a dentist appointment to have three fillings replaced
and a cavity filled today was not exactly a good choice for returning back to life.


I bought this lovely old bench at a yard sale recently.

Although I loved the quaint old look,
the paint was flaking terribly,
and somebody had used the bench to spray paint on.

Wanting to use the bench in the plant sale for a display,
I gathered some paints I had left from other projects
and painted it on.

I had asked advice from my friends on facebook about what colors to use,
so I hope some of you will be happy with my choices
as I used some of your ideas...

 sort of.

I like that the old rough look of the bench comes through
and although it probably isn't antique color choices,
I like how bright and cheerful it is.

There's always somebody around to sneak into the pictures.

Well, I need to go check on the bacon,
and I think I hear the Farmer coming down from the barn.

Can't have that burning-food problem going on.

I don't want that to be considered "back to normal."


  1. Good to see you back again. Hope your plant sale went well!


  2. Love this bench! Your color choice is perfection!

  3. I like this cute little nook :) The bench color is great too! Stop by for a blog visit, have a great weekend.

  4. Tonya, This is a great bench! You seem to find great finds at yard sales!
    Thanks so much for linking it up at my party. Have a great weekend!

  5. Love the color. That photo with your cat is fab!

  6. Please come link this project at the DIYLinky at www.littlehouseinthesuburbs.com!


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