Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Sweetness of a Cure.

The following is a personal story, not meant to give you medical advice.
This is my story about an environmental allergy: food allergies are not in the same category.
I am not qualified to give medical advice.
I am just a mom journeying through life, seeking what is best for my children
(Please see warning at the bottom of this post).**

There's something lurking in the garden...

something that mysteriously goes about an important business,
controlling much of the world as we see it.

A tiny thing,
but so essential and incredible,
God's finger so delicately formed it to perform miraculous powers
in it's whirling dance under the sun's glaring watch.

 Can you see it?

 Here I find it, in the midst of these purple pretties,
a favorite springtime habitat.
What a place to spend one's day!


About a year ago at this time,
my son became sick.

I thought it just a cold,
but his cough and listlessness seemed to drag on past the normal length of time of a week or so.

I began to worry about him.
We were supposed to drive four hours to my nephew's graduation,
and I worried that the trip and excitement might make him worse.

 I scheduled a doctor appointment on the day we were supposed to leave
and hurried him in,
praying the doctor would recognize the problem.

I have a wonderful doctor who understands a mother's concern,
listens without condemnation,
and recognizes a person's choice to try natural alternatives,
while he still makes the availability of medical science and knowledge an option.

I am so thankful for him.

His expertise was priceless to me as he looked at my son,
and knowingly proclaimed,
"You're son has allergies to grass.
Has your yard been recently mowed?"

I remembered that Levi had been up by the field watching the hay cut and then later baled.
The process of the hay-making 
as well as the yard being mowed had both been priorities in the last two weeks,
the time when his "cold" had started.

Looking into his dark-circled eyes,
I wanted him to feel better, back to himself.

The doctor recommended the appropriate medicine
and within a few hours of taking it,
I could see a vast improvement in my son.

This spring,
Lillie came down with a similar "cold" that wouldn't go away.
The dark circles under her eyes reminded me of the allergies her brother has
and I began to pray and look for a natural alternative to their problem.

At the health food store, I asked a worker,
and she directed me to such a simple solution,
I almost wanted to push her for more options
because it just didn't seem enough to me.

In the blur of a breeze's breath,
the hum of the bee busy at work quietly marks his presence.
Pollination of the flowers, fruits, vegetables...
what would we do without this tiny friend?

And then there is honey:

"Honey contains copper, iron, silica, vitamin B, manganese, chlorine, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorous, aluminum and magnesium. Depending on the part of the world where the honey comes from, honey will vary in mineral content."*

It offers a boost of energy when fatigue sets in
yet has a calming effect for nervous, high strung people, even helping ease into sleep.
It has pain relieving properties.
 When applied topically, it makes the skin soft, but also is said to cure skin problems such as ringworm and eczema.
It's also healthy for hair.
Taken for a sore throat, it soothes and relieves coughs.
It is said to help burns.
It reduces asthma symptoms, especially helpful if taken before bed.
It has been used topically for over 2,000 years for treating minor wounds.
A New Zealand study suggests it may be a possible, as an antimicrobial agent, to use a particular type of honey in treating MRSA infections.

But the part that interested me
is that local honey would have pollens in it that would help to give a natural boost
to counter seasonal allergies...


Knowing these benefits of honey,
I thought,
"What can it hurt?"
(my children being past the one year age limit that is given).

Within the next day or two,
my daughter was 100% better.
Granted, I'm sure this isn't always the case,
but for her it was.

 I am not a doctor.
I cannot say that local honey is a cure for allergies.
(Raw honey is best, but I've read that even pasteurized local honey has the essential qualities to help with allergies).

I can only say that everyday,
my children say to me,
"You need to give us our honey medicine."

My son, who had a night time cough for many weeks last year
has not had any this season
even though we are well into the hay season now;
nor has he had any sign of allergies.

I cannot promise you that local honey will solve your problems.

I can only say that,
as a mother who has seen it directly solve her own,

it is certainly nice to say,

"A spoon full of sugar honey helps is the medicine to go down."

Information obtained from many websites as I researched this topic
but for this post, mainly from

**WARNING: NEVER give honey to children under the age of one.**

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  1. That was great! I've been using honey on my kids' cuts and scrapes in place of Neosporin for years and they've never had an infected wound- ever. I recently bought raw Manuka honey to use inside Caroline's nose after her surgery. She healed so well and so fast that it startled her ENT. :) They're using it in European hospitals when topical antibiotics fail because of resistance.

  2. Thank you for this information. Harrison has allergies too. I need to go buy some local honey and try it. Thanks for searching and sharing!

  3. My grandmother, who was very wise about natural medicine, used honey for literally everything. And it makes great sense that using local honey would help with such allergies as you mentioned.

    Wonderful and informative post!


  4. Will def check this out! My son has had that nagging allergy hack for weeks!!

  5. We are a family with allergies and learned years ago about how much local honey can help with allergies. I was amazed at just how well it has helped! Every time we move, I find a source for local honey.


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