Thursday, October 25, 2012

Banana Split Pie: Sweet Splendor.

This recipe is absurdly good.

It is another recipe from my sister.
Having eight boys, she is like the queen of delicious desserts...
and food in general, for that matter.

I would LOVE for her to do a food blog,
but I think she's too busy cooking for the waiting bunch.

I had to nab a few of her recipes
and this was one of them.

I forgot the pineapple in this picture.
Just imagine one (or a can of one) behind the whipping cream.

Crusts are so much easier in a food processor.
But if you don't have one, find a hammer, wrap the bag of cookies in an extra bag or two,
and then smash away at them.
Just don't let your kids see you:
 they may think you've been in the kitchen too long,
or else they'll want to help.

While the crust is baking,
the next layer of filling can be whipped up in the same food processor.

Again, if no food processor,
get that arm in action,
or a mixer will do.

Once the crust has cooled,
the lovely sugary frosting-type layer can be smoothed on...

and then bananas nestled in on top.

A can of crushed pineapple is given in the recipe,
but I've got a thing for fresh pineapple,
so I substituted.

Pineapples are so cheerful, like sunshine, aren't they?

The whipped cream on top seals the deal to make this dessert


I'm fairly certain if I could lean through the computer screen and give you a piece,
you'd be going to find your hammer to make your own.


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