Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To My Friends Who are Disappointed in the Election.

This post is written for those who have been troubled by the election.  Please, this is not a post for debate or comments of that type.  I think most of us are well worn out with them, and they are no longer necessary.  This is a post for my friends who love the Bible, a post that God gave to me to share.  If reading my point of view may make you angry, it might be better if you just skip this post.  Thank you for understanding.

On the night of the election, while the votes were still being counted, I escaped from the political drama to read my son some bed time stories.  I've been so caught up with getting crafts done for craft sales, he has been the one neglected.  He's quiet; the girls are expressive and let me know of their needs to be talked to and helped.  He goes off on the couch and draws pictures or plays by himself.

  I could tell by the way he was acting that he needed some attention from me.  When he comes and stares at me and wants to sit on my lap while I am working away, I know that's his sign that he needs me to respond to him.  I buried us both in the covers and opened a book of stories. We left on a journey to a place far away.  I realized that we both had needed it.

  When I'd finished the stories and knew he was a few blinks away from slumber, I came down the stairs, a sense of gloom over what I had hoped would happen for our country.  The things I have seen happening in our country, the obvious rejection of the God that I love and serve, makes me fear.  In the past couple of years of having discussions with family, friends, acquaintances, I have seen the vehemence from many that made me feel their hatred for God and for my belief in Him.  It hurt, but I know it is not so much me that they hate, but what God says in the Bible.

  Depression set in.  I lifted my eyes to the only place I know to go when I don't know what to think or how to react.  I thought of King David in the Psalms.  I thought of the cursing of the wicked and wickedness and his prayers for God to send judgment, while having mercy and protecting those who love Him.  Should I now change my prayers, the ones I have begged and asked God for, that mercy would be the measure he shows to us? "Be merciful unto us, O Lord.  Heal our land.  Draw us back to you.  Forgive the bloodshed of the innocent, the rejection of you in our schools and our lives.  Have mercy."  In my anger, I asked, "Shall I change my prayer for judgment, dear God.  How can you let us continue down this path of destroying the unborn and heading down a path so many have taken in history that has led to the destruction of their nation?  Will we become like Sodom and Gomorrah, or will you spare us and cause us to repent, like Ninevah?"

  I opened my Bible to the Psalms.  I have been reading there, and it always gives me comfort and instruction.

Psalm 115

"Praise?  Dear God, you want me to praise you for this?  How can I praise you?  Can you change my anger, my fear into praise?"

And then these verses brought light to my eyes:
Psalm 118

Mercy.  Thanksgiving.  Praise.  Trust.  Reliance on God.

I had heard some might respond to this election with rioting, had the election been unfavorable in their light.  But to the Christian, God still wants to the same response as we should give the day before the election, the day after the election, during good times and bad.  He wants our praise.  He wants our thanksgiving.  He wants us to stand for right and then trust in Him.

There is no greater peace than to rest in this.


Psalm 118

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  1. thanks Im having the same feeling
    nice post to be able to read

  2. Thank you! Perspective is always good. What a beautiful post!

  3. I had to give it to the Lord ronight to.

  4. Amen! We need to continue to pray fervently for our country, for revival in the hearts of people, God can still turn our country around for His purposes. We need to pray fervently for the salvation of the souls that are running our country! I'm disappointed in this election but I need to turn that into action - prayer action - and not let it get me down or despondent. I WILL be praying for the President!

    Thank you for this lovely post!

  5. YES! You have stated it so well here - the Psalms have been on my heart and such worthy thought upon which to set my mind and heart this day! Lord - hold us fast through what lies ahead . . .

  6. Thank you, Tonya, I needed that! Perspective :)

  7. i pray that now both sides of the aisle can see the need for know the stuff we teach our pass bills that bless the PEOPLE of the get us all back to work and thriving....yeah the big stuff is hard...and won't be solved tommorrow...but we can do so many little things that would affect so many ..

    that old tired line ..of why can't we just get along??? would HE be glorified to see see team work and the needs of many being met...

    i still have HOPE...

    Celina in Virginia

  8. AMEN!! Wonderful post, well said.

  9. I can only look in as an outsider on the political affairs of your great country but I empathize entirely with you and believe only God can help you - in fact I just posted from Psalms myself.
    God bless

  10. Thank you, thank you for such a blessed post. I woke up with such heaviness and cried - then I remembered I had said to many ' no matter what happens, our jobs as believers is to pray for our leaders - good or bad!' well, I am and will pray for this president AND his family - salvation - for our State repres who continue to bring shame by their stand on evil but I remember, the Lord God loves them just as He does you and me! Thank You Lord that You do not treat us as we deserve. Thank You for teaching us to be merciful, loving, and full of grace! God help us stand strong and united in the days ahead - to remember NOT TO SAY when tempted and things go bad - I TOLD YOU SO!!!! :)

  11. Hello Dear Tonya....Remember me??? I have been long gone...well, not "gone," as I do check up on your beautiful posts as I can, but find little time to comment these days. But today, I felt the need to break the silence....Your words and perspective cut through the gloominess the day dawned with....and I was so in need of light. Thank you.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. This is wonderful. I really felt my heart soothe and ache at the same time wile reading the Psalms you posted.

  13. Thank you for sharing this. God bless our country.

  14. I was saddened to, but I was comforted by a quote from a leader of my church:

    "The future is as bright as our faith."

    And yours is shining brightly here.



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