Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Simple Ways: Stucco and Silver

I just mistook self-tanning cream
for hair conditioner.
I kept wondering why the tangles were not loosening from my wet hair.

Yes, it has been that sort of Monday:

Phone tag
(why is it people realize they need hay delivered on Mondays,
and need it NOW),
puppy disasters in the form of holes dug right outside the doorway
same place, same mud pit as last Friday,
as well as chewed up items that I will not mention but that made me gasp and then screech
which sent him running out the back door;
home-schooling frustrations regarding division
(and I thought I disliked division the first time around;
teaching it to a child who wants to skip as many steps as possible,
no matter how many times I reinforce that all steps are necessary,
well, let's just say 'challenging' is putting it mildly,
like calling a severed finger a hang nail that has gotten out of control);
cooking atrocities compounded by substituting wrong ingredients;
stepping in evidence that the chickens have been sneaking up on the porch again...
with my socked foot.

Yes, that sort of Monday.

I had great plans of posting a great story of a great lesson I had learned,
but I lost it somewhere,
I think between my toes.

So, rather than wax wordy about things that have been lost upon my tangled brain,
I will post a simple project,
in the hopes that simplicity will return to Tuesday,
(although that wind whipping outside just now sounds like it is a bit flustered by Monday as well.)

I had a little box,
nothing would it hold.

Actually, it was a cute little box I got at a yard sale or somewhere for a quarter or so.

I decided to use it as a sort of pedestal on my mantel for an old bird I found,
so I spray painted it with some silver spray paint,

and then mixed up some plaster of Paris into some white paint,
good and thick, mind you,
like mashed potatoes, or angel food cake frosting,
or something else unfood-like so I'll stop making myself hungry.

I taped a favorite stencil I had made from an image at the Graphics Fairy
and used on my living room cupboard.

I like to use Frog Tape for this because it holds VERY well,
but it doesn't pull up any of the paint with it.

I painted this thick as frosting paint onto the stencil
and carefully pulled it up,
wiping it after each use
before moving it around the box.

There were minor smears,
but perfection is not always worth the difficulty of attaining it on some things,
or so I tell myself.

It adds just a bit of different height to the mantel,
a sweet perch for the bird in her nest.

Perhaps I will fasten the troubles of Monday on her wings and let her fly away...

But now I'll go get some tea and sit by the woodstove and listen to the wind...

and ignore that puppy snoring on the couch,

and try to focus on the season,

realizing that many have faced annoyances and much greater frustrations,
a part of life for all of us on earth.

"And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea,
unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)
To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife,
 being great with child."
Luke 2: 4- 5

Yes, I have little to complain of...

and so I'll say,


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  1. Once again, you amaze me with your creativity Tonya! I've had days like your Monday as well, when the only way to get through is to thank God it's not like this every day! It helps too, to step back and see the humor, which in your case, is not that great for your socks!!

  2. I love the beautiful decorative piece that you made. The story about your mistaken hair product was good, too! One time, when we were children, my mom quickly picked up what she thought was a can of hairspray (right as we were leaving for church). Her 60's-style teased hairdo didn't look so puffy after she had sprayed it with...Lemon Pledge Furniture Polish!! We three children laughed until tears were rolling down our faces!

  3. You are so good at making plain things beautiful.
    Literally and figuratively.
    That is a wonderful gift.


    PS. Merry Christmas!

  4. I always say, you havnt lived until you have had chook poo between your toes...my kids just roll their eyes and say, thats gross mum...........
    Dont I know it....chook poo is the WORST thing to ever have between your toes...I should know, it has happened more times that I care to admit...I now have the chooks in the run constantly and wear shoes at all times down the back.. :)

  5. loving your creativity & your sense of humour!


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