Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Saga: Ten Things, Just to Catch Up.

1. The computer died.

Old documents and pictures were saved, thankfully,
the the unfolding drama of deciding what to buy was completely overwhelming.

Not having had to make that decision for nearly ten years was a very comfortable place to be.

But comfort sometimes needs changing, washing, purging, chafing of newly formed blisters.

I don't like blisters.

And so the stretch of newness has taken it's massive toll on my techy-challenged brain,
until I got help from family and friend who understand these things.

2. Computer-smart people are nifty.

3. Flowers are blooming and berries are ripe,
but between all the pests around here, the birds, the chickens, and the children,
planting all the berry bushes that we have was obviously not enough.

I dwell among such greedy creatures.

We did manage to freeze 13 or so quarts of black raspberries,
but it should have been around 20,
and the 3 qts. of blueberries I did pick never saw the inside of the refrigerator,
never mind the freezer.

4. Ducklings have been disappearing.
Snapping turtles in the pond need to become soup.
Until then, the last 6 remaining ducklings have been taken from their mom and found safety in the barn with the peeps a friend gave us.

Ducklings don't mind swimming in peeps' water bowl.

5. We have a new tradition for the 4th of July.
(Yes, I know it has long past now, but I am way behind in my catching up,
like a dog chasing his tail, trying to catch up but wondering if that will ever be possible).

On the night of the local fireworks, we mount the Gator, and a neighbor farmer meets us with his Gator.
We zoom off into the twilight through knee-high crops of corn and swaying fields of wheat, riding the edges of his and our fields,
 and a friendly neighboring farmer's fields to a high point out in the middle of them all to watch the town fireworks.

The kids have proclaimed this is now the yearly tradition, even though this year was only the second time we've done it.

But nothing quite compares to riding through the still night of summer,
 the hot breeze tossling little heads of sun-drenched hair,
 weaving in and out of bumpy fields, lightning bugs dancing the way all around us.

6. My child has an incredible fake smile.
"Give me my cheeseburger!"
My son laughs hysterically when I act like she is saying this.
I'm not sure why I say it, or why he laughs,
but the summer sun will do that to simple minds stressed from failed computers,
hungry fleas, and berry-deprivation.

7. Pregnant cows who are a week overdue still chew their cud.
Do they stop chewing their cud when they finally begin labor?
Impatiently waiting minds want to know.

8. Mayonnaise applied to dog's fur kills fleas instantly.
It smothers them.
Makes the dog smell rather like a macaroni salad, too.

I no longer like macaroni salad.

9. I am beginning to think my Farmer is right.

Yes, it is true.

I am beginning to think that toys are highly over-rated.

10. First cucumbers from the garden are prone to bickering over and feverish tug-a-wars between the kids.

First tomatoes of the season are no-brainers.

  They are all mine...

 because I said so.


  1. That sounds like a cool 4th of July tradition!

    And I used to play with clothes pins like that...


  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one behind on posting. I wonder if mayonnaise will work on my cat? I know it also works on humans for lice, if the need should every arise. Love the clothespins. Toys are over-rated and imaginations are under-used. ;)

  3. So glad to catch up.
    Love the hats! (they all look Dr. Seuss-ish gone Uncle Sam!)
    Love the 'fake cheese'!! hilarious.
    Did not know this about fleas and mayonnaise. (Man-naise a lot of fleas on that dog!)
    the flowers are pretty. Something nice to look at when the computer won't boot. Sorry, to hear about your computer. Ten years,huh? that's like losing a member of the family almost. (especially when the docs and pics are questionable.) glad you saved your docs and pics.:)
    Hope your pregnant cow has her calf soon.
    Toys ARE over-rated. Tomotoes and Cucumber salad is good. (the only salad I'll eat Ranch dressing over.) other news, if your calf is a BULL... the name His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis is already taken.

    Nice catching up with you. Pat

  4. If it is a bull I think His Royal Highness would do just fine ~ :) Love the pics.

    That Lillie is a character !

  5. Wow.

    I needed this little break today.

    I love your tradition no matter how new!

    And your farm and your family and your musings and meanderings.

    Just a lovely, lovely post.


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