Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Colorful Treasure.

She is the kind who sees you finally take a seat on the recliner after a long day of the ordinary,
and she has to scurry right over and climb up next to you and sink sandwiched between the recesses of that recliner's cushions and your lap.

She's the kind who sees you walking to the barn and races up beside you so she can slip her hand into yours and walk together with you.

She's the kind who can't pass the CD player in the living room without pushing the "on" button,
sending the warmth of gentle music choreographed with her own graceful dance.

She's the kind who gives too many dog treats to the puppy and takes the time to scratch the old dog's belly.

She's the kind who helps herself to the cheese sticks in  the refrigerator door, but rarely does so without also grabbing an extra for her brother to eat.

She's the kind who wants the same books read to her every night and notices when you change up a few of the words.

She's the kind who watches people and seems to know everything that is going on.

She's the kind who always notices first when her Daddy is home from work and races out to ride on the gator with him.

She's the kind who has to take her vitamin first thing in the morning EVERY day, and she won't leave you alone until that necessity has been completed.

She's the kind who thinks the solution to finding the largest earthworm ever is to pull it in half and share it with her brother.

She's the kind who falls the hardest, cries the loudest, and laughs like it's nobody's business.

She is the kind who insists on graffiti with 'washable' markers...
that never truly wash off,
(even on lampshades).

She's the kind who makes you sigh the largest sigh of relief when she finally goes to bed at night...
and in a strange, unexplainable way,
you wish she would just stay this way forever and that the days would not pass by so quickly...


except maybe without any magic markers.

She is the treasure of being a four year old.

She is my colorful treasure.


  1. She's the kind of four-year-old that sounds delightful!


  2. ahh, four is a wonderful age for mamas to enjoy (& reminisce)....


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