Monday, January 31, 2011

My Recycle Projects

 Here's an easy project anybody can do.

I've noticed with home-schooling my daughter, that we go through a lot of scrap paper.
If she writes 8+6=13
and I ask,
"Violet, what does 8+6="

If she hesitates so that I see she's counting on her fingers,
or if she says 13,
I make her write out the problem ten times.

Yeah, I'm mean.

If she gets a spelling word wrong on a test,
I make her write it out ten times.

So, I get tired of all these pieces of paper with math problems and spelling words written on them.
What a waste!

So, I bought this for $.99 at a second hand store.
 It's just a print on a canvas board in a beautiful frame.
The type of picture that will make my daughter get all of her answers right in school.

Yes, I was kidding about it being beautiful.
Well, unless YOU think it's beautiful.
Art is a flexible sort of thing that way.
It's a beautiful, ugly frame.

Now, please,
don't tell me this is some valuable picture.
 I'm about to add this:
 I've seen people on several blogs use chalkboard paint,
so I picked this up at Walmart for a little over $3.

 I'm sorry sir.

 I just dumped a little bit on the picture...

 and spread it with a paintbrush.
(If you do this and want to, you can take the picture out of the frame so you don't have to be so careful when painting them.  I didn't do it that way because it was just one more step and I was in a hurry).

I let it dry and then put on another coat.

Then I painted the frame white.

After the frame and picture had dried,
I flipped it over and cut a piece of material slightly larger than the back.

 I ran a streak of glue from my glue gun on the long back edge.
I made sure NOT to go all the way to the end,
so that I would be able to fold that end under to glue it as well.

 I folded it over and placed the folded edge onto the glue.

 I then worked on the two sides,
starting by neatly tucking the corners in first and gluing them.
Then I glued the side edges down,
pulling slightly so it would be a nice tight fit.

I then glued the top edge where the hook hanger was.
I started on one side, NOT going all the way to the middle
so that I could fold it down a little lower around the hook.

I then carefully piped a thin strip of glue gun glue around the edges,
one at a time
starting at one side of the hook hanger
and working all the way around to the other side of it.
(I folded the edges over at the corner,
put a dot of glue gun and held it a few seconds,
and then kept going around the next edge.)

 And here is my daughters new means of doing her
scrap work.

 I knew she'd be happy if I made it a little fun.
I suppose I could have given this project for her to do,
but since I will have this hanging around in my kitchen,
I chose to do this one for her.

I'll let her paint something else.
I will.

I added some fun pictures around the edges.

 Now I might just ad a little color to them,
or let her do it with colored pencils.

Should I let her color it?

(UPDATE: I did let her color the pictures,
and I like what she's done to it).
 I'm not sure why the horse turned blue,
but he's colorful.

 And subliminal messages are all part of schooling, right?
Hopefully they work for the home-schooling Mom in the house, too.)

 Here are a few more projects I'm working on.

I got 2 of these bookshelves when we moved to this house:
our old house had built in bookshelves in several of the rooms,
so we needed something,
and these were on sale for $20 at Walmart.
It was a great deal,
but they aren't exactly what I would have picked out,
if I had the choice.

Now I need to put it on Craigslist because...

I got this.
This is what I would have picked out for our house.
I was SO excited to find it and for such a great price!

Okay, well it needs some work.

(My husband can't believe I want to exchange this for the other;
I guess he might have a point with the looks of it right now.)

I just got it this past weekend
and I CAN'T WAIT to get it fixed up!

I'm still not sure what color to paint it though.
Any suggestions?

(UPDATE:  This one got painted as well.
I posted about it >HERE<.)

I cleaned some of the old paint off this old window.
I might hang this above the bookshelf when it's done.

I just need to figure out what to do with it.
Should I put real photos behind the panes?

(I placed the bird in the top pane because it is cracked.)

And finally,
my new kitchen trash can.

I was working on this some this evening.
My daughter wants me to put horses on it,
 my son wants frogs,
and I found a picture of pigs that I love.

I'll let you know who wins.

(UPDATE: the horse got painted here,
...and the frog ended up on the other cupboard.
Still waiting to paint my pig on something;
why do I always lose?
(The trashcan post is >HERE<)

So these are my current projects.
I'm planning on getting them all done tomorrow.

Now THAT is funny.
I do hope to get them done this week,
but then,
I'm never sure what's going to happen around these parts.

Do you have any special plans for the week?

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  1. I love your chalkboard project, very clever, and so cute!! Personally I love it black and white! It's so much fun to see the things you find and and how you transform them into beautiful treasures!!

  2. The new chalkboard is really a clever idea! I much prefer the new(old) cupboard over your other bookcases. I'm thinking dried flowers would look lovely in your window panes. I agree with your daughter-horses on the trash can. You always have so many projects going at once-makes me feel like a slug! :)

  3. I love it all and am envious of not only your talents but your inclination to use them in that direction.

    Really neat stuff!


  4. First off thank you SOOOO much for linking up to my "Meaningful Mondays" really Means a lot (no pun intended.) :)
    Secondly, Oh my! You are so creative! I love love love your idea for the little chalkboard....I know what you mean about the scrap paper, I have three girlies and I am SO making one for each girl, you make it look so easy peasy!!!

  5. The chalkboard project is so beautiful, I think it looks great in black and white! Also your window panes and the "new" cabinet is beautiful! I love old things.
    ~Anna Davis~

  6. Ok I want one!!!!!! That is soo sooo sooo cute! You are so talented girl. Did you just draw all that on yourself with a tipped pen? Wow! Just really wow!

  7. I love your framed chalkboard idea! That is so innovative and cheap. Thanks for the idea, I plan to use it.

  8. These are some fun projects! And wow....I cannot imagine what all goes into home schooling. You have more patience than I do, that's for certain! But it looks like you all are being so creative and doing some fun things. I would have loved a little chalk slate just like Laura Ingalls had! I've seen where people put that paint on an entire wall. now that would be fun!~

  9. Great site! I found you while Hip Homeschool Hopping around. I'll be back!

  10. Wonderful projects! Love them all. Stopping by from Hip Homeschool Hop, and will be following your blog. I am looking forward to see how all your projects turn out.

  11. Thank you, everyone! It was nice chatting with you today, Jenn! :) Thank you, Lilyrose. I will chalk that up as another vote for the horses. :) (I happen to love your name, by the way as my baby's name is Lillie Rose. :) ) Thank you, Sue. I just hope I get it all done! Three girls, Marie? How FUN! I have two and would have liked a few more. Thank you for hosting the link up. I enjoy your blog!
    Thank you, Anna. I didn't realize it was you at first. :) Nice to see you "here". :)
    Thank you, Rachel. You always have such kind words! I used a dipping calligraphy pen with permanent ink. It allows me to draw really tiny.
    Thank you, Katie and Darlene. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
    Thanks, Heather. You are always an inspiration to me at your blog! It does look like fun using the "old slates". I think Violet enjoys the change of mediums as well.
    Thanks for your kind words from Founders Academy, and from you, too, Lynda. It was nice of you to stop by and comment. I look forward to these projects getting done and OUT of my laundry room as well. :)

  12. Love the new finds better than the old Walmart ones :) I need to get me some of that chalk paint. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

    I am visiting from the Hip Homeschool Hop. Stop by and say hi anytime ;)


  13. Great job! You are the crafty one! And I happen to think those bookshelves from Walmart are like awesome ($20 too?). Seriously, I can't recall our Walmarts having this style.

  14. I love finding uses for chalkboard paint! Those drawings around the frame are so cute! You're a good artist : )

  15. wow you did a great job, loving it!!!!

  16. So, that chalk board is totally awesome! And I am super super impressed with the pictures you drew on it.

  17. Stopping by from HHH! Love the chalkboard paint idea. We have one on our wall that my girls love using. And I love your shelf finds! I am partial to turquoise so I'd touch up the turquoise color you already have!

  18. Wow...what a super cute project. The pictures you drew are very impressive. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and joining my party.

  19. I love your drawings, you're such an artist! I also love the long window. I've done a few things with windows and drawings. Check me out.
    Have a nice day! Susan

  20. This is so lovely! You have a great blog. I am hosting a giveaway on my blog...hope to see you there:-) hugs Anu

  21. Love the chalk board. I've seen lots of these but I like using this picture that already has a frame! Thanks for joining JFF.

  22. I love the sweet little pictures around the edge of the frame

  23. Your cabinet redos are awesome. LOVE the painting around your new chalkboard! Great job!

  24. I love your chalkboard project! Especially the addition of the pictures around the edge. Very clever cute! I saw on another blog where she added pictures to an old window like yours and it looked great. She centered the pictures in the middle of each window frame. I wish I could remember which blog it was... If I do, I will come back and tell you.

    ~ Tracy

  25. Oh my gosh--you just have too much talent--I wrote down some things to try--thank you for sharing these great ideas! Love your posting.

  26. Thanks again for the great comments! Yes, those bookshelves I got from Walmart were a good deal; they were in the middle aisle marked down incredibly to get rid of them: only 3 left. It was a Walmart I stopped at traveling through a town during our move, and I've never seen them again at other Walmarts.
    I do like the turquoise color I've seen in houses now, and thought about just glazing this to make it look more natural, but I'm not sure turquoise would look good with the other colors in that room. I'm not sure what to do yet. Thank you for the idea using the photos in the windows, Tracy. I had actually thought of that: have some black and white ones I developed that I thought might look really great in them. I'll have to try them. I'd love to see them done on a blog, if you happen to find it. You don't have to trouble yourself though. The suggestion was REALLY helpful.
    Thanks to you all and have a super weekend!!

  27. That chalkboard is sooo cute! I love the drawings around the frame. You could sell those! Looks like you have more fun projects ahead. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. (Love the rooster background on your blog) laurie

  28. I am totally in LOVE with the detail on that chalkboard frame! So original. It looks like it came from an old tyme storybook. Lovely. :)

    Shared this on FJI Facebook for SNS 93. :)



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