Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exuberance in A Day of Dirt.

 A weary cold winter
was ushered away
 Sunshine filtered in
on a bright winsome day.
 Like songs on a breeze 
we flew forth out the door;
the world wore its earth smells;
a full day in store.

Each to our own
we set out to our tasks:
every child held his bucket,
a shovel in my grasp.

 My gardens begged for order
after winter's cracking cold, 
the bricks needed new placement,

a fresh sheet did unfold.

 "Hello, red-headed peonies!
What a welcome sight you are;

 and you also, Lady Daylily.
You are the summer's bold-faced star."

Little voices mingle
with sky-diving birds' laughter.

Searching fingers knife my work
for earthworms they are after.

 Imprisoned in a flower pot,
a sweeter jail I do not know:

 Ease of escape in bottom holes beckon
while big trucks stand at the go.

 The highway of bustle in the fresh air ceases
as lunch time is now far past;
hunger will wait only, oh, so long.
Fun cannot last on a fast.

All participants have been busy,
the evidence is on each shirt.

The gardens have begun their renewal;
yawning roots stretch idly
under the dirt.
Raising Homemakers


  1. That is so cute. My grandchildren have an area in the back that is their playground in the dirt. They build roads and moats and stone bridges and play for hours. Their mom is not real thrilled with the dirt stains but takes it in

  2. I love that: "Imprisoned in a flower pot; a sweeter jail I do not know."

  3. What a cute verse...and the photos are just plain wonderful!


  4. Amazing poem. Looks like a lovely day.

  5. It is a wonderful time of the year when winter is at last behind us.

  6. Still waiting for winter to release her last icy finger on our part of the country! Snow showers yesterday and forcast for some today! :~{ I am ready for spring and digging in the dirt! Looks like you had a grand time playing in yours!
    Visiting from Outdoor Wednesday!


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