Friday, April 15, 2011

Finding the Buried Treasure.

 It was a glorious day today,
I left the confines of the porch
(that is just waiting for the last touch up of paint
before the windows will finally be done.)

I headed up here:
 This is my plant inventory
that needs to be ready for my plant sale in three weeks.
That means this mess needs to be uncovered,
and moved down to the yard.

(I will leave out the screaming that should have followed that list.)

 So, I got right to it.
Here is a plant with weeds.

 Yes, there it is, see it?

 I move the weeds away and pull them out.

It may seem funny,
but I actually LOVE this job:
physical work in the warm sun
under the canopy of the walnut tree branches,
finding growth under the blanket of dead leaves that kept them warm through the winter:
the beautiful life God has bound up in a barren-looking stick of a plant,
plants that we carefully helped to grow roots,
or divided from our own plants;
and then potted up in a nice composition of dirt enriched by the cows rotted up "gifts."

(It is useful that the cows benefit us in so many ways.
Nothing seems to go to waste.)

Violet actually helped me a lot with the weeding last year
and she did surprisingly well at not pulling the plants out,

but she had other things to do today.

She's a great worker,
always volunteering and doing things really well.
She loves to help.

But math was her taskmaster today.
(I know she'd rather help than do school.)
Don't worry though;
she got plenty of recess.
The butterfly nets were in great use
although the butterflies are few yet.

This one has escaped the rigors of real school.
I'll give you one guess as to what he has found here.

I'd rake the leaves out,
and he'd be there ready.

Let me tell you,
he found a heap of Big Daddy worms under those leaves!

I did have some help though:

 Tiger keeps me from being too lonely by rubbing against my arms,
and sticking her nose as close to mine as she can.

I finally shooed her away,
telling her to go keep watch for...
 the long lone garter snake who inhabits my plant patch.

He always waits until I am right onto where he is hiding
and then shoots out and away like a flash.

The neighbors for miles around all know when I've come upon him.
My scream echos across the hills in all directions.

So Tiger's job is very important to me.

 When I had to quit to go tend the baby when she woke from the nap
(what did women do before baby monitors?)

I felt a relief at how much progress was actually made.

Another day or two and things will be fixed up pretty well up here
(It is possible, right?
Please, hope with me on this big expectation).

Then I can start the pricing.

See you tomorrow,
little patch of work.

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  1. hilarious...the screaming of course, i wonder what the snake thinks? cute post though i need to get out there and weed myself. your tiger is a lighter version of pretty! and of course, your human babies are adorable...i knew it was worms. i would love for you to stop by if you can find time this weekend. i am giving away a freebie from white flower farm. happy spring!

  2. It's LOVELY hearing more about your life. I've had a really enjoyable read through your blog posts. Your life sounds so happy! I'm your newest follower.


  3. On many days, your blog is like a journey back to a simpler time. I find it soothing, refreshing, and delightful.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. You sound like a very happy and very blessed lady, I loved reading about you more and your photographs are great, how homie and cozy sprin day with your little one looking for worms! Just adorable! Love it!
    Hugs and happy weekend.

  5. Oh, I can't wait for your plant Sale! I LOVE your addition!!! It looks so nice!!!!!!!

  6. I used to work at a garden center all through high school and my first years of college, and I loved cleaning the pots up after the wintering over. We used to get to take home some of the 'volunteers' that we took out of the pots. I loved being outside all day and smelling the good dirt.

  7. What amazing progress you made! It's looking great. I love your helper.


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