Friday, July 8, 2011

Chalk Painted Projects: Terracotta, A Shelf, and A Box

I have enjoyed experimenting with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.
It's fun to paint
with no preparation needed
(except to clean the object off).
Here are a few of my recent projects:

A planting urn at a yard sale for $2


painted with Provence Chalk Paint


 and coated with clear and a touch of Rugger Brown wax...

  filled with boxwood cuttings.

 A shelf for my teacups
was in need a lighter look.

 A rough coat of Paris Gray,

 followed by a waterdown splash of Old White
and some light sanding,

a clear coat of wax,

 and then some Rugger's Brown wax.

I love the lighter look.

Lastly, one of these old boxes...
painted Antibes Green
and followed up with a light sanding
and the same waxes...

to hold some of my cookbooks.

Now if only cooking were this easy.


  1. Your projects turned out beautifully. Love those colors!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Looks great! Love that box!

  3. I love the green you used for your cookbook box. I'm going to have to give Chalk paint a try. Just haven't felt motivated to do much painting lately.

  4. They all look great. I love the cookbooks in a box idea. Now, if I could just find a few boxes...

    fran @ eleven-o-one

  5. They all look so great! I love them all! What a great idea for your cook books!

  6. Neither cooking nor crafting is easy for me!


    PS. Nice work!!

  7. Great job! I gotta get me some chalk paints!

  8. Everything turned out great. I especially love the green box at the end. What a nice surprise to open the door and find that!

  9. I've never heard of chalk paint. I'll have to check it out.


  10. wow, you've been busy! And these look beautiful! I havent heard of this paint but I need to investigate. It really gives things new personality and life!~

  11. Loved seeing your projects. I have yet to use the chalk paint! I've got to get me some.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Thank you SO MUCH for posting the pictures of your FABULOUS projects. I am working on my first AS Chalk Paint project (a dresser in Old White). I love seeing the other colors of her paint on items to see what they look like in "real life".

  13. They all look great! I love the box for the cookbooks!

  14. Visiting from so very cheri. Would love if you posted this project here:

  15. I'm coming to PA 7/26. I hope Tammy has time to bring me by your beautiful home. I want to see that floor!!!

  16. I'll cook, you decorate! I have no artistic talent what-so-ever! Your stuff is so fun and the outcome is so beautiful and practical!

  17. Antibes green has been on my wish list. Love that box.


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