Thursday, April 26, 2012


When life becomes distracted
while dealing with a mess

 and return to table duties
prompts another to confess

the powdered chocolate profile
with coated purple shirt

nonchalantly ponders
her sticky-fingered dirt.

The thing that always stumps me
as I look at her darkened lips,

is the way she thinks I won't see them,
those evidential tips:

A pile of broken pieces,
a splash from dirt-stained sink,
the cast of wayward dollies
left wet from "taking a drink,"

A page torn from a hostage book,
her sister's stolen purse
where coins once danced when shaken
and the secret gum gone, much worse.

When life is full of dainty thefts
committed in daring raid,
I have to remind myself it'll pass,
and someday the shock treatments will fade...



  1. Oh man, you gotta laugh, you really do, cos if you dont you'll cry....some days I just get tired of it all, and I over react badly, and then I feel bad, as my third is only three and she is so little and lovely...and really didnt mean to do the messy things and spilling things, and other days I laugh....I know which is a better way.......but we are only human...and mummies, and sometimes it does get all too hard... :) I love the potty shot, I bet she is singing in there...?

  2. Definitely brings back memories...this too shall pass! Love the pics that tell the story.

  3. Then we take a deep breath ...and start again!

    It is daily---I'm so glad we're given a new slate every day, aren't you?

    I love the way your write.~Pat

  4. Oh...I remember those days. Lovely post.

  5. I love this.
    There are few things more exhausting than an energetic toddler.
    Way to go; putting pull your hair out stress to poetry and photography.


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