Monday, April 23, 2012

Making My Old Cooking Utensils Look...Old.

I am sure that I mentioned that I love colorful,

I have been working at making my kitchen
what I love
with usable "vintage" pieces,

so here is a simple one that helped improve its area.

my Farmer is a proponent of

He has a point.
(It's a bit dull,
but it's a point,
and sometimes it forces colorful alternatives).

I received this utensil set for a wedding gift.
It is a sturdy set that has lasted pretty well,
although a few of the pieces have broken
and my own "most-needed" pieces seem to gather here as well.

 Through the process of need and elimination,
I gathered my most useful utensils.

However, something about the look of them...

was not culinarily inspiring.

If you have been visiting here very long,
I am sure you already know
that I love Annie Sloane's Chalk Paint.

 Using my never-ending can of Antibes green
I painted my utensil handles:
wood, plastic, and metal alike.
I added a white line of acrylic paint for some detail.

I let them sit for a day afterward
so the paint was cured well,
then roughly sanded off some of the paint.

I used Fiddes and Sons clear and rugger brown wax:
Here you can see the difference between the waxed utensil
and the one still waiting.

Truly, the wax seals the paint
and reinforces its permanence.

After waxing,
the piece looks dingy and dry,...

 like this.

 After buffing with a lint-free rag...

it then looks like this.

Here's a sample of it,
mid process,
on the wooden nail peg rack I had painted with red acrylic paint.

I have used the utensils for the past two weeks,
and I'm happy to say they still look as good as the day I finished them...

and I am not one who is light on her utensils.

Handy, matching, and


(Okay, cheater vintage).

Now I can cook like the best of 'em.

(A woman can dream, can't she?)


  1. Ohhh what a wonderful idea! They look great, you would never know they weren't proper vintage utensils.

  2. Those look so cool. I think I like cheater vintage, when you do it, at least...


  3. I love that you have the nack to do that to things to make them look old...its something I love doing too...I also admire greatly, and look forward to your posts as it seems you are slowly but surely going around your whole home...making everything match..and its so are creating a one of a kind decorating theme that is all your own...'home'...

    1. Thanks so much!! It sure is fun to try to get projects done so I can share them on here...very motivating! Especially with the sweet comments you always give! :)

  4. they look really pretty. i'd be afraid to use 'em. (like i cook...)

    1. Ha! I wish cooking came as easy as painting! :)

  5. So cute! What a great job - do they wash up ok though??

    1. I actually painted these utensils well over 2 weeks ago and use them in cooking often. They have been fantastic in keeping the paint and old look to them. I do wash them by hand: I have no idea what the dishwasher would do to them. I have been really surprised at how well the ASCP chalk holds up to the various things I have tried it on.

  6. I'm finding that I have been drawn to vintage cooking utensils and have been purchasing a few here and there! I love what you did with yours!

    1. Yes, vintage seems to have an addictive draw to it. I love that so many of the old utensils seem to work so much better, too.

  7. Love the Vintage look. What a wonderful idea!

  8. They look great! Very Vintage!


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