Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting the Perfect Kids' Picture.

We went out Saturday night to drive around looking at Christmas lights.

A favorite place we like to go to has a house back a lane
and these are some fun, Christmas light-lovin', fantasticly festive folks
who set up displays with lights, Christmas blow-up characters,
and old wooden painted characters of every kind.

They open their lane up to the public
and you can drive your car around the circle of their property,
enjoying and pointing out all of the scenes.

They add a few new pieces every year.

This year, we spotted the new pieces.

One was especially obvious and caused quite a stir in our vehicle.

I am sure they knew the reactions from kids would be great.

We heard about it most of the ride home
and a few more times before bed.

The next day after church,
I wanted to take some Christmas pictures of the kids.

They were hungry.

 They were not enthused.

Selectively cooperative.

On the edge of grumpy.

Randomly obnoxious.

It was obvious that things were not getting better.

Trouble was moments away 
and I had to think of something to turn things around.

And so, in desperation, I resorted to Saturday night's
reckless humor:

"Okay, guys,
think of last night:
 Santa peeking out of the outhouse."

It certainly wasn't a professional choice of a photography decision...

so I guess I can expect coal in my stocking this year.

But that's okay.
I'll take the coal if I can have these pictures.

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  1. This is so funny. It is almost like you can read the pictures. I love your fireplace!

  2. Funny! The pics are so cute and so are the kids. Violet reminds me so much of Ruthie. I love that your kids were just being kids. It certainly shows their diffrances in personality. You are very blessed!

  3. Too cute!!! You are wonderfully hilarious....love it!!!!!!


  4. that was very entertaining and cute. Our kids really know how to make us think on our toes. The decor is very pretty too. I love the stars

  5. Beautiful photos, very mischief looking children you have there,lovely.xx

  6. Super cute! Even the "uncooperative" ones.



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